Framework7 v2.2.0 版本发布

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v2.2.0 - April 1, 2018

  • List Index

    • Meet all new List Index component 

  • Full iPhone X safe areas support and required tweaks for MD theme 

    . Same as for iOS theme: automatic support for top and bottom safe areas (for portrait orientation). For landscape orientation the following classes must be added to elements:

    • ios-edges - for full-width elements (like main View)

    • ios-edge-left - for elements that stick to the left edge of the screen (like left Panel)

    • ios-edge-right - for elements that stick to the right edge of the screen (like right Panel)

  • Stepper

    • New autorepeat parameter that will repeatedly increase/decrease values while you tap and hold plus/minus buttons

    • New autorepeatDynamic parameter that will increase autorepeat ratio based on how long you hold the button

    • New wraps parameter. When enabled, incrementing beyond maximum value sets value to minimum value; likewise, decrementing below minimum value sets value to maximum value

  • Sortable

    • Fixed styling when sortable list is using with no-chevron class

  • Range Slider

    • New draggableBar parameter (defaults to true) that allows to disable value change on range bar click and drag

    • Added auto sizes recalculation on parent modals/panel/tabs open

  • Router

    • mdSwipeBack: false - enables swipe back for MD theme

    • mdSwipeBackAnimateShadow: true - enable/disable box-shadow animation during swipe back action

    • mdSwipeBackAnimateOpacity: false - enable/disable opacity animation during swipe back action. You can disable it to improve performance

    • mdSwipeBackActiveArea: 30 - width of invisible left edge of the screen that triggers swipe back action

    • mdSwipeBackThreshold: 0 - swipe back will start if "touch distance" will be more than this value

    • Will now replace state (if pushState enabled) on initial load when initial route has redirect

    • Fixed issue with tab:beforeremove event was not fired for routeable tabs

    • Improved restoreScrollTopOnBack logic to save and restore scrolling on active page-content element

    • Swipe Back support for MD theme with new Router parameters:

  • Request

    • Now if you return false in beforeOpen or beforeSend callbacks it will cancel the XHR request

  • Autocomplete

    • New inputEvents parameter (by default is input) allows to configure input events used to handle Autcomplete actions and source request

  • Smart Select

    • Fixed issue when Searchbar didn't work when Smart Select opened in page with Searchbar in iOS theme

  • Dialog

    • New app.dialog.keyboardActions parameter (enabled by default) that enables keyboard shortcuts (Enter and Esc) keys for predefined dialogs (Alert, Confirm, Prompt, Login, Password)

  • Fixed iOS 11.3 bug that can break Fast clicks and make Cordova/PhoneGap app unresponsive on app resume from background 

  • Swiper updated to latest 4.2.2 version

    • New progressbarOpposite parameter to make pagination progressbar opposite to direction parameter, means vertical progressbar for horizontal swiper direction and horizontal progressbar for vertical swiper direction

    • Respect and update breakpoints when calling Swiper's .update() method

    • Core

    • Pagination

  • Lots of minor fixes