Framework7 v2.2.5 版本发布

By admin at 2018-06-03 • 0人收藏 • 11人看过
  • Router

    • Fixed issue with not loaded routable tabs content after swipe-back to page with these routable tabs

    • Page data will have additional swipeback: true prop when the page event was triggered by swipe back

  • Range

    • New range:changed (rangeChanged, changed) event that will be triggered on slide knob release after value change

  • Messagebar

    • Fixed textarea text color for MD-Dark theme

  • Form Storage

    • Added support for skip inputs from storing by adding no-store-data or ignore-store-data class to input element

  • Dom7 updated to latest v2.0.5

    • Support for setting array value on multiple select

    • Imporved internal events proxies logic for better memory management

  • Swiper update to latest v4.2.5

    • Fixed issue that can cause memory leak

    • Prevent apply grab cursor when swiper is locked

    • Fixed breakpoint with loop getting wrong realIndex when on init

    • Fixed "transformed" slides sizes calculation that could cause issues in with Coverflow effect

    • Core

    • Autoplay

  • Minor fixes